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Sales Talent Solutions Case Study | Real Estate Industry

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We helped a rapidly expanding real estate information company scale its B2B sales force, find proven leaders open to relocation, and surpass quarterly revenue targets.

The Challenge

Talent acquisition meets explosive expansion.

With 1K+ sales representatives, a portfolio of 10+ brands, and a widening array of real estate products, our client is one of the fastest-growing companies in its crowded industry. Determined to be #1, the enterprise invested in new service lines and technologies — initially tasking its existing sales force to learn fast and sell more.

However, the new services demanded entirely new sales teams and vast talent acquisition resources. After high-impact marketing campaigns fueled brand awareness, the company needed scores of dedicated sales professionals to build upon the momentum. To meet ambitious revenue goals and outpace the competition, the organization set out to hire 500+ people in mere months.

The client was looking for proven, consultative B2B sales associates open to relocation, as well as directors who could navigate large-scale logistical challenges and lead growing teams effectively. Each professional had to meet strict requirements to qualify, but finding the right people was just one challenge among many. More than sourcing top talent, the organization had to scale its operations rapidly, coach entire classes of new employees, and retain its hires to maintain its growth.

The Solution

Partnering for quantity, pre-vetting for quality.

Our client’s ambitious expansion plans required a strategic mix of outsourcing and in-housing B2B sales talent solutions. Acting as an extension of the enterprise’s organization – we conducted weekly strategy sessions, trained our nationwide recruitment team to address our client’s every need, and delivered with extreme precision and total transparency.

Over time, we became experts in everything from the company’s business development tactics to its relocation packages and growth-oriented culture. Leveraging targeted job advertising, proven sourcing practices, and rigorous screening processes, we committed to supplying the organization with 15-20 pre-vetted sales professionals per month. To date, we’ve submitted 200+ candidates, evaluating each one for required soft skills, past performance metrics, and retention potential.

In only 30 to 60 days, the new sales teams’ first members surpassed the company-wide average performance per person. Quickly mastering the art of pitching our client’s new services to high-value prospects, the teams made nearly 8,000 sales, helping our client earn over $650 million in revenue in a single quarter, a significant year-over-year increase. From the first touchpoint to the final sale and beyond, each team continues to build strong relationships, set the brand apart, and fuel our client’s uninterrupted growth.

Melissa Walsh, Onward Search
In today’s shifting market, sales and growth marketing teams everywhere need the agility to navigate change, and our practice is poised to equip them for success.

Melissa Walsh

VP and Practice Leader, Sales and Growth Marketing

By The Numbers

Relevant achievements and statistics to date:

Contributed to 7,500+ successful sales


Submitted 200+ pre-vetted sales job candidates


Helped our client work toward its goal of hiring 500+ sales professionals


Achieved a 100% sales talent retention rate for our client

$650+ Million

Supported our client in earning $650+ million in revenue in a single quarter

By The Experts

Examples of sales professionals in our exclusive talent network:

Account Executive

Account Manager

Business Development Representative

Client Engagement Specialist

Director of Account Management

Director of Account Management

Enterprise Account Executive

EVP of Sales

Sales Coordinator

Sales Director

Sales Engineer

Sales Manager

Sales Operations Director

Solutions Engineer

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