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Career Focus: Interactive Design

In this edition of Career Focus, Onward Search dives into the history, emerging job trends and most in-demand skill sets for interactive design professionals.

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OS CareerCast #8: The User Experience Job Market

When you’re purchasing something online, expanding your social network, or reading a blog (what a coincidence!) do you ever wonder who designs these interactions? As I mentioned during our last podcast, this episode of CareerCast would explore the User Experience job market and the professionals who apply a mixture technology and creativity to make your online experiences possible. Thanks to Jonathan and his special guest, this episode delivers.

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OS CareerCast #7: Freelance Hiring in New York City

The latest episode of CareerCast is live and it’s a good one – full of advice for freelance professionals and insight regarding how companies are hiring them.

The New York City job market is brimming with opportunities for freelance professionals so Jenn Walsh and Mike Ondocin from the Onward Search NYC office spoke with host Peter Clayton about the hiring trends they are seeing in the area.

A tip for freelancers in New York City: Stay flexible with your rates and keep advancing your skill set. Even though the market is turning around for freelance professionals, Mike explains that doing this will give you a greater advantage over the competition.

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