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5 Tips for Hiring Creative Talent

In today’s market, everyone is looking for the same creators and innovators at the same time, and seemingly in the same places. As a result, true creative talent has become a highly sought-after commodity, and you’re going to have to bring your A-game to the recruitment process if you want them to join your team. You have a small window of opportunity, and if you aren’t prepared, reality is going to slam it shut on your fingers. If you follow these 5 simple steps below, you’ll have a staff of creatives to help you prop that window open for the foreseeable future.

1. Craft a Stellar Job Posting

You’ll want to put together an in-depth job description that portrays what the position is all about.  Make sure potential talent is aware of what they’ll be doing on a daily basis. Be transparent about what you expect from them and what they should expect from your group. Let the tone of your office culture shine through your posting.

2. Fine Tune Your Hiring Process

Hiring shouldn’t be a never-ending task. Streamline your process and cut down the bureaucratic red-tape from a few weeks to a few days. One simple way to do this is by interviewing in groups and stacking interviews. You’ll still have time to deliberate on potential hires, but you’ll have all of your candidates done when that time comes.

Also, skip the phone interview if possible. You can’t get to know anyone completely until you sit across from them and have a conversation. Speaking of, make sure your interview is a conversation—not just a series of questions and answers. Relax the tone by holding a lunch or breakfast interview and start off with questions like “what’s the last book you’ve read?” This question is informal, but it also provides a glimpse of their personality.

3. Integrate a Working Interview

You wouldn’t get engaged without dating first, nor should you let someone make themselves at home in your office without seeing how they really fit in. A working interview lets you see how your prospect morphs creative ideas into substance from start to finish. You’re able to get a true feel for their ability, not just how they conceptualize. Finally, you’ll be able to see them interact with your existing team, ensuring that both parties feel there is a mutual fit before getting stuck in a bad situation.

4. Show Them Opportunities to Create

When you’re seeking a creative professional, you don’t want someone who is just looking for a decent paycheck, you want to see their eyes gleam at the potential of working on something they truly enjoy. Talk about the chances that they’ll have to build, create, and rework within their respective field and see how they react. If they have a true passion for their particular craft, they’ll be emphatic to share their thoughts and listen to what you have to offer. Better yet, let a fellow creative manager or senior designer partake in the interview process to further emphasize what you have to offer.

5. Pay For What You Want

True, driven creative talent can be difficult to locate—so don’t lowball them into oblivion. Make sure to properly research the salary range for their position, consider all of their skills and experience, and make a solid offer. During the interview process, make them aware of your entire perks package. If you want educated, energetic, and excited talent, you’ve got to make them feel valued.

These 5 steps should help you land the right talent to upgrade your creative team. Once they’ve stepped in and you’ve determined they’re a good fit, don’t keep them waiting. Lay out the welcome mat—heck, maybe even let them design it.

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