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This Week in Creative Staffing: Why Artificial Intelligence is Nothing Without Great UX

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Thanks for coming back for another edition of This Week in Creative Staffing–Onward Search’s weekly news roundup of important and thought-provoking content that matters in the creative staffing space.

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This weekly column is your guide to recent and buzzworthy trends, insights and hiring advice.

Here’s what we’re reading this week:

AI Won’t Change Companies Without Great UX:
If you haven’t realized it yet, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has officially made the leap off the silver screen and into seemingly every new piece of technology in both the consumer and business worlds. Companies look at AI as a way to build smarter systems, but the big problem that’s developing, according to the Harvard Business Review, is that oftentimes these AI initiatives take priority over the actually work being done by humans. Read on to learn why AI simply can’t change the way businesses work, without having great UX as well.

Why More Brands Are Doing It Live:
Where will your brand be when the last cord for cable TV is cut? If you’re like Mars, you might be banking on live video supplementing any lead loss you might see in younger generations who simply aren’t paying for TV. In this CMO report, you’ll learn about live video, why top brands are flocking to it and what this type of marketing could mean for you and your business.

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London Leads Drop in Supply of Workers Amid Brexit Uncertainty:
London is feeling the pinch. According to new research by IHS Markit and the Recruitment & Employment Confederation, employers in The City are having a harder time hiring, as the supply of available workers has fallen sharply by 15 percent–the largest reported drop in the UK. Read on to learn about what’s contributing to this drop in workers and remember, if you’re struggling finding talent in London, our UK team can help.

The Epic Email Marketing Fail I Just Experienced:
Email marketing is a must for any business that’s serious about competing in increasingly digital marketplaces. And, while this type of inbound marketing has been around for some time, “epic fails” are still more common than we may like to believe. In this post, you’ll learn about one business’s many missteps–with a single email blast–that will have you reevaluating your email marketing practices in no time.

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