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This Week in Creative Staffing: The Evolution of Content Marketing and The Growing Gig Economy

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Thanks for coming back for another edition of This Week in Creative Staffing–Onward Search’s weekly news roundup of important and thought-provoking content that matters in the creative staffing space.

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This weekly column is your guide to recent and buzzworthy trends, insights and hiring advice.

Here’s what we’re reading this week:

The Chief Content Officer is Dead; Long Live Content Marketing:
According to recent research by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, while businesses are moving away and doing without Chief Content Officers, content marketing itself remains live and well. In fact, 75 percent of companies are increasing their investments in content marketing with 43 percent increasing their content marketing staff. Read on to learn more about the studies findings and what it means for this marketing discipline.

HR Continues to Embrace the Gig Economy to Overcome Skill Shortages:
As businesses look to ramp up hiring near the end of Q1, they’re looking more towards freelance and contract talent than ever before. According to new research, about two-thirds of the 400 HR leaders who were polled (representing 60 different countries) said they would be looking to use more freelancers as a part of their every-day workforce. Read on to get all of the high-level takeaways from the study.

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5 Classic Mistakes All Entrepreneurs Should Avoid:
Starting any new business or venture is difficult, but it can be made easier by avoiding a few common mistakes that often stifle growth and hurt bottom lines. Of these few common mistakes, recruiting too early is one that really sticks out. Read on to learn about why recruiting too early on can hurt your business and how you can avoid this common mistake without stretching the few employees you do have, thin.

Expect Voice, VR and AR to Dominate UX Design:
User interface, it seems, is overdue for a shake up. Since the launch of Windows 95, which fundamentally changed the way we use computers, most UI has been limited to inputs provided by a keyboard, trackpad or mouse. But now, with AI assistants, VR and AR technology quickly emerging, those responsible for UI and UX Design have a number of new inputs to work with, and even more questions to answer for users. In this Forbes article, 11 industry experts offer their takes on how they believe these new technological advances will change UX design.

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