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Boston’s Creatives Gather for a Night of #100Beers


Our Boston office is one lucky team. The Boston area, or “The Hub”, has become one of the nation’s fastest growing and most progressively innovative cities, rivaling that of the West Coast’s Silicon Valley. In the midst of all of this innovation lies Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange, also known as MITX. The Onward Search Boston Team has been a sponsor of many of their events for good reason — MITX is the nation’s largest nonprofit trade association for digital marketing, media and internet business. Oh, and they host MITX #100Beers. It’d be silly NOT to sponsor this event!

Mitx #100Beers
Mitx #100Beers sponsored by Onward Search Boston

Roll call for the #100Beers was a spattering of agencies, startups and Boston digital talent. We’ve sponsored MITX #100Beers for the past two years and have found the event to be the perfect mix of networking and letting loose. This year was no exception. Attendees were able to add some extra flair to their name tags (and I went all out!), be involved in a mobile app scavenger hunt to WIN the giveaway Onward Search Boston sponsored, and to choose TO or NOT to talk business.

#100 Beers Mobile Site for networking

Social Networking at the event was pretty much a hit thanks to the hashtag #100Beers and the MITX Mobile site. What did we love most about this app? It created excellent buzz about the event DURING the event. Not only could you tweet who you’ve met almost instantaneously, you could also mingle and have a reason (other than business card collecting) to approach someone. It was a lot of fun for seasoned networkers and networking introverts alike.

Onward Search Boston & Digitas Friends

On a side note:

It wouldn’t be right of us, both as friends and sponsors of MITX, if we didn’t plug the MITX Innovation Awards for 2012. The MITX Innovation Awards celebrates the innovations powering the future of marketing and revolutionizing: the way we work and play. Debi Kleiman, President, MITX was most recently interviewed in The Boston Globe and about the Awards and about Boston’s creative community, “Besides being fun and terrific community builders, big awards shows (like the upcoming MITX Innovation Awards) are a great way to shine a light on the people and organizations that are creating what’s next in digital innovation [in Boston]”. Have you registered yet?

Well, you should! And we’ll see YOU at the NEXT MITX event!

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