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The Best SEO Career Advice Around

Wouldn’t it be great to have your very own expert mentor for your career? The sage advice, the informed guidance, the knowledge built upon years of industry experience… ah if only we each had that personalized insight on how to stay ahead of the competition and build the successful career we all dream of.

Since finding a personal career sherpa is not easy, we decided to offer SEOs the next best thing: a collection of career advice from SEO experts!

SEO Career Advice from 20+ Leading Internet Marketers is the newest addition to the Onward Search Career Center and it features nuggets of career advice from people who run the top blogs, companies and conversations in the search industry. We reached out to these industry leaders and asked them to give us, in 10 seconds or less, their most valuable piece of advice for advancing a career in SEO. Here’s a small taste of the responses we got:

“Read everything, but remain focused on the big, important things and the upcoming stuff, especially social integration.” – Danny Sullivan, Search Engine Land
“Learn to quantify SEO, communicate metrics and success, align SEO strategies to business goals, learn to prioritize, drop SEO jargon when talking to non-SEOs, and get out of the chair and walk down the hall to build meaningful relationships with your non-SEO colleagues.” – Jessica Bowman, SEO
“Use your brain’s critical thinking skills. Never work off of old knowledge, but try what works and what doesn’t.” – Barry Adams,
“Start blogging and give away your knowledge. It’s the quickest way to build trust and credibility and show that you know what you’re doing.” – Matt McGee, Small Business SEM
“Attend events, volunteer with meetups, build teams and train people. And it’s important to determine a way to measure success that can be demonstrated to an organization’s senior leadership.” – Chris Taylor, Onward Search

With over 20 of these quotes in one place, it’s enough insight to get your SEO career moving in the right direction. Once you’ve absorbed all the expert advice, make sure you check out our SEO Salary Guide for the latest information on where the best SEO jobs are and where to land the best SEO salary.

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