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The Tough Mudders of Onward Search

If you think Onward Search is made up of just your average, run of the mill, digital and interactive recruitment professionals, think again.  Our team includes some brave, tough-as-nails, won’t-back down staffing pros, as we have the Tough Mudder 2011 pictures to prove it!

When Jeremias Stelter, Regional Vice President at Onward Search, suggested team participation for this crazy, obstacle covered, 12 mile race, select members of the Northeast OS offices were undaunted by the prospect of freezing water, omni-present mud, towering climbs and even the potential to get electrocuted. The Tough Mudder race is no joke, and Onward Search is proud to have joined the other ‘Mudders’ who braved the course. Below are just a few select snap shots of the Onward Search Tough Mudders in action, but you should definitely check out all of the awesome (and sometimes painful to look at) photos from the event here on the Onward Search Facebook Page.

From left, Mike, Justin, Matt, Randy, Ken, Josh, Peter and Jeremias get ready to get muddy.
Jeremias Stelter, Regional Vice President for Onward Search, makes quick work of the mud mound obstacles!
Ken Clark, COO, stayed low but kept on his feet to get through the Electroshock Therapy obstacle. Yes, those live wires carried 10,000 volts.


Congratulations on a job well done to everyone who participated in the 2011 Tough Mudder Tri-State Race. We can’t wait to see you there again next year!

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