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Job Seeker Soup: Simmering Social Career Advice

Welcome back! I hope you’re hungry because this edition of Job Seeker Soup from Onward Search is just what you need to satisfy your job search appetite. Take a seat and enjoy the delicious career advice for interactive designers, Internet marketers and mobile developers.

The Onward Search Twitter feed was heating up during May with valuable advice, examples and stories about successful social media. The articles I found are an interesting mix, but they all offer excellent instructional and inspirational advice about social media that can help you along your professional journey. Check out the best picks from the month of May, and don’t forget to tip your waitress!

May 6 – Where Can Social Media Marketing Take Your Career?

There’s no denying that the social media job space is booming these days, but Lee Odden from Top Rank Online Marketing reminds us that quantity doesn’t always equal quality. Simple online publishing and experience with social networks can make it easy to break into social media, but it takes much more than that to develop a truly solid social media career.

May 10 – Effective Use of Twitter For Designers

Twitter offers such a great resource to job seekers of all professions, and designers are no exception. This handy guide by Kareen Liez at Naldz Graphics is full of very useful tips that will help all designers get their name out on the web.

May 16 – 3 Reasons Why You Should Have an Infographic Resume

Infographics have a great potential for going viral, and isn’t that exactly what you want for your resume? Elana Zak from MediaBistro‘s 10,000 Words breaks down 3 great reasons to turn your traditional resume into one that will be easy and fun to share, plus show off how creative you are!

May 18 – 7 Ways To Master The Fear of Social Media

Leveraging social media successfully takes practice and perseverance , especially if you’re using it to support a job search. If you’ve ever felt hesitant, or even down right scared, to incorporate it into your job hunt, just refer to these instructions from Mark Ivey published on Social Media Explorer. He provides clear, simple steps for overcoming social media nerves and getting the most out of it.

May 24 – Everyone Should Hire ‘Social Media Experts’

It’s crucial to stay informed of the industry debates regarding your field of work, so if you’re a social media professional, this response article by Rand Fishkin from SEOmoz is a must read. Make sure you read Peter Shankman‘s article as well to appreciate the full spectrum of this conversation about the value of social media experts.

Pretty tasty reads, right? Don’t hesitate to contact us here at Onward Search if you want to talk about your social media career or if you have your own take on these articles. I’d love to hear how social media has changed your career!

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