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6 Places to Find the Best Copywriting Jobs

[accent]You’ve seen them – sad, uninspired websites and online publications that desperately need your copywriting help due to a myriad of criminal acts against effective online communication. Help rid the world of awkward and unfortunate web copy and get your career moving by landing a copywriting job. Not sure where to start? Here are 6 places to find the best web copywriting jobs:[/accent]

Your Network

If you’ve been taking good care of your professional network, your connections can do more for you than most other job search resources. Let your network know that you want copywriting jobs and your connections will lead you to jobs and opportunities you might not have found on your own. Someone in your network might also HAVE a copywriting job for you, so don’t forget to ask about current projects and copywriting needs.


copywriter-tweetJust beyond your professional network is a vast pool of folks that are just dying to get their online initiative moving faster with well written copy. The best part is they’ll be talking about it on Twitter. Searching for phrases like “web copywriting”, “looking for a copywriter”, “copywriter needed” and “copywriting job” will either lead you to potential employers or fellow copywriters to follow. When searching, and tweeting, about those phrases and topics, make your conversation easy for others to find by employing hash tags (#). Throwing one of those in front of your copywriting keywords will help others identify you as a potential solution for their copywriting needs.

Job Search Engines

Using job search engines is a no-brainer, but the way you use them can make a big difference. Copywriting jobs go by a variety of names so your keyword choice here should reflect that. Try queries for SEO writing, web copywriting, online copywriting, freelance web copy writing, etc., to makes sure you uncover as many online job listings as possible.

Guest Blog Posts

best-blogWhile this might not be your first choice, writing guest posts for bloggers is a wonderful way to keep up your momentum and build your portfolio while you’re looking for a full time copywriting job. Not all guest posts are paid, which isn’t ideal, but the recognition that comes with it makes up for the lack of compensation. Getting your guest post published gives you exposure for your work, a boost for your personal brand, feedback from the blog’s audience and a place to point to when hiring managers ask about your writing.

Your Inbox

Once you set yourself up with job search email alerts, RSS feeds from top sites and a dedicated recruiter, your inbox will serve up fresh job opportunities every day. Just make sure you have all the keywords, sites and services covered so you don’t miss anything.

Poorly Written Websites

This technique comes last because it’s a little advanced and requires the right approach. The goal here is to politely reach out to the right contact at a website and offer your copywriting services. If you reach the right person and present yourself well, they’ll appreciate your candor and probably give you a chance. If not, don’t worry, you have 5 other resources above to help you find an awesome web copywriting job.

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