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A Better New Year

Welcome to the first week of the New Year, a time when the Internet is positively saturated with everything related to New Year’s Resolutions (Don’t worry, this post is a little different). Rather than throw a pile of “resolve to do THIS and promise not to do THAT” at you, I’d like to start off the New Year with a story about what 2011 could be like for you; whether you’re looking for work or you’re looking to hire.

Job seekers – This is the year you will land the opportunity that speaks to your passions and skill set. Whether it takes you from humble entry level beginnings or catapults you to an executive level position, you’ll find it this year. You will make new connections, shake hands and those who meet you will remember your name and recognize the value that you bring to the table. You’ll get that creative spark that leads to a game changing idea; one that inspires your colleagues and takes your company in a new direction. At the end of 2011, you’ll look back and think, “What an amazing year. I wonder what 2012 will bring.”

Hiring managers – This is the year you find that truly influential candidate. You might not know it when they walk in the door, but they are about to take that project/team you’ve been working with to a whole new level. They will offer the innovation and creativity you’ve been searching for and it’s almost as if they walked into that interview knowing exactly what you needed. Before you know it, you’re being patted on the back for bringing the perfect talent onto the team. Problems are being solved, goals are being met, and your company is thriving thanks to this candidate.

We at Onward Search want to help make this YOUR story for 2011.  Whether you’re looking for that perfect career opportunity or the perfect candidate, we have the network to help make it happen. We’re connected to the nation’s leading Internet marketing, creative, and mobile professionals, and the companies looking to hire them.  We like to say that we have “a talent for talent,” so let us help you get connected today.

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