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The Myths of Copywriting Careers

Do you remember when you caught the copywriting bug? Maybe it was way back in grade school, or perhaps you solved someone else’s copy problem last week with unexpected ease and skill. No matter how it happened, you’re motivated to solidify your career as a copywriter!

But you haven’t done much about it yet… Is that because you’re not sure what your career as a copywriter could be like?

To make the jump easier for you, I gathered insight from the Onward Search recruiters to create this list of copywriter career myths that are totally worth dispelling.

Myth #1: It won’t be a secure, full time job.

Full time copywriting jobs are just as common as part time, freelance and contract opportunities because creating the right copy takes time and commitment. Businesses from all industries need dedicated copywriters to ensure their brand messaging is consistent and timely so don’t worry – you don’t have to hop from assignment to assignment if you don’t want to.

Myth #2: You won’t stand out because ANY writer is a copywriter.

Writing copy for the web is a much more dynamic process than traditional content writing. Web copywriters must design their content to fit specific online mediums and cater to the different needs and preferences of online audiences. On top of that, their copy needs to be search engine optimized with the right keywords to make it easier to find online. With specialized skills like those, you won’t be lost in the broader crowd of writers.

Myth #3: You probably won’t get paid well.

Look at any of the online salary resources and you’ll see plenty of monetary reasons to ditch your low-paying job and follow your copywriting dreams. For example, Simply Hired salary data shows copywriters earning a national average of $53,000, with other related titles reaching as high as $77,000. Combine salaries like that with the reasons why myth #1 is false and you’ve got a stable job you love that also pays well!

Myth #4: Copywriting jobs rarely lead anywhere.

Being a copywriter doesn’t mean you’ll be chained to the same responsibilities or title forever. Many copywriters move up in the ranks because they learn everything about their company’s product and services by writing about them. The result is a Creative Director or Marketing Manager who understands their company’s offerings from the bottom up, and that’s a great edge to have.

The opportunity to build a rewarding copywriting career for yourself is definitely out there, and the Onward Search recruiters are here to help you get moving in the right direction. You can start by checking out our current copywriting opportunities and apply today to get the best guidance from an Onward Search recruiter!

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