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Onward Search Career Cast #12: Josh Gampel Talks SEO at SMX East

[accent]career-castWith all the excitement surrounding the 2010 Search Marketing Expo East event, we thought, why not make our next episode of Onward Search’s Career Cast podcast all about the show? Better yet, why don’t we have it recorded AT the show?

This week, host Peter Clayton interviewed Onward Search Vice President, Josh Gampel, for our latest episode of Career Cast which focuses on SEO hiring trends. Josh presented at SMX East on the topic “6 Figure SEO Jobs: How to Find Them and How to Hire for Them.” so it was a great time for Peter to ask him about both the event specifically and his thoughts on the SEO job market overall.[/accent]

First, Josh was happy to report an improvement in both buzz and attendance at the show, which is a welcomed indicator of less stressful economic times. More importantly, Josh said experienced SEO professionals are finding a much more accommodating job market these days; one that could present them with multiple job offers at once.

With data that suggests the search engine and interactive marketing economies will double over the next five years, it’s no wonder experienced SEO professionals are in such high demand.

Even though Josh presented on the topic of senior level SEO jobs, he offered excellent advice for aspiring SEO professionals who are just getting the hang of the industry and events like SMX East. He recommended a focus on the Beginner 101 tracks that cover basics for SEO and Social Media. This way you’ll get valuable information on the fundamentals of getting into the industry that could help shape your career in the long run. But before you leave such an event, Josh insists that you engage with others, especially the speakers, to make sure you can ask questions and take advantage of the networking opportunities.

Josh and Peter also discuss the how the SEO landscape is changing due to various social media outlets, like Twitter and Facebook, and how Youtube plays into the game. Ultimately, these changes affect how companies plan their marketing strategies, which in turn affects who they need to hire. Josh reveals which fields he sees presenting the highest demand for entry level and season SEO professionals, but I’ll let you listen to the podcast for those comments.

Peter concludes the episode by asking about the latest and hottest job opportunities OS is working on right now, which include a Director of SEO opening on the West Coast and Senior Strategist roles in the New York City area, just to name a few.

To hear the entire interview with Josh, including more details on those jobs, listen to the full episode and read the transcript here on our Career Cast page.

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