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Executive Jobs and Hiring Trends in Internet Marketing

[accent]career-castOK, so the job market isn’t exactly back to where we’d all like it to be. In fact, you’ve probably heard news that this is just the beginning of what could be a very long recovery. Luckily, those who work in the SEO, Internet and Creative marketing fields will find better chances of securing employment than most!

In our 5th episode of CareerCast, Josh and Tom talk with Peter about what it’s like for Executive level marketers out in the job market right now and why it makes sense for both job seekers and hiring companies to work with a recruiter.[/accent]

First, the good news: Josh opens the show with comments about how SEO positions have experienced 100% year over year growth and Social Media jobs are up about 300% (I take it back, that’s great news!) What could be spurring this fantastic growth, you ask? Companies are beginning to reinvest in their acquisition marketing strategies again and that means more opportunities for SEO, Social Media and Interactive marketing geniuses to add value to these efforts.

With more marketing spend on hand, these companies need to find the best, most capable talent, but that’s often easier said than done. Tom, our VP of executive search, explains that finding the best hires can be frustrating to companies less experienced at identifying talent to match their specific needs.

On the flip side, many qualified, active job seekers in these industries don’t have access to higher level, and often confidential, job openings.

Here’s where the Executive Search team at Onward Search comes in to save the day. By understanding a client’s needs and connecting them with the best talent for the position, the company gets the business support it wants and the candidate is placed in the best role for their skill set and their career path. Everyone wins!

So what should job seekers focus on this year as they actively search for the perfect position? Josh gives fantastic advice about how to use your resume, Twitter presence and LinkedIn profile to stand out in any saturated marketplace. (Spoiler alert, he mentions statistics.)

You can catch all the advice, insight and good news packed into this episode right here.

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