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Video: 10 Tips for Writing an Effective Resume

As a quick introduction, my name is George Habrecht.  I am a recruiter for Onward Search, and I will be an ongoing contributor to our blog.  My focus will be to provide you with tips, advice, and opinion from the “recruiter’s perspective.” The following video discusses several tips around how to write an effective resume.  It is specifically targeted to job seekers in technical fields such as search marketing, web and database development, and other “Web 2.0” professionals.  I discuss how you can increase the responses you receive when you post your resume and perform a job search, as well as common mistakes I see when reviewing candidate resumes.
However, if you just want the essentials — here are the ten tips I discuss in this video:

#10 – The “One Page Rule” does not apply to today’s resumes.
#9 – Avoid listing objectives, personal information, summaries of your resume, and “references available upon request”.
#8 – Remember, your resume is a sales tool, not a history lesson.
#7 – Your resume is a living document; update it at least twice a year.
#6 – Account for automated search tools when writing your resume, and not just the human eye.
#5 – Summarize your technical skills at the beginning of your resume.
#4 – Use descriptive language and “power words” when listing your work experience.
#3 – Use phone numbers and email addresses you will check often and make sure messages and addresses are professional in nature.
#2 – Don’t stretch the truth on your accomplishments.  Being caught in the tiniest of white lies can effectively end an interview.

And the number one lesson:#1 – Check your resume for grammatical errors and typos.  Have a trusted second set of eyes look it over.

If you have any questions, or would like a copy of the resume template I discuss in the video, please email me at

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