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Top 10 Gaming Jobs of 2022

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The game has changed. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or a complete noob, you’re playing in a different world. Gaming is bigger than ever before—billions of dollars bigger.

The niche has become the norm; mobile, console, VR, AR, PC and cloud games have transformed the way we’re entertained. Now, the metaverse is set to revolutionize the future of the space. And some of the most in-demand jobs today did not exist yesterday.

As a specialized workforce solutions provider, Onward is privy to the hiring trends of 3,000+ clients, including the nation’s leading brands, game studios and esports organizations. Leveraging our exclusive access to market data, our specialists found these to be the ever-expanding industry’s most sought-after professionals of 2022:

1. Metaverse Strategist  

Metaverse strategists are the leading authorities on all things metaverse. They combine deep knowledge of Web3 technologies, gaming trends, and next-gen internet culture to guide game studios, retailers and brands of all sizes on the best metaverse practices. Across industries, organizations are hiring these specialists to research and formulate immersive platforms to engage audiences in groundbreaking ways.

Related Titles: Metaverse Engineer, Head of Metaverse, Experiential Director

2. Blockchain Engineer 

Blockchain engineers are programmers, activators and masters of blockchain. This disruptive technology enables consumers and businesses to make secure decentralized in-game or in-app transactions through cryptocurrency and crypto-collectibles (NFTs). As digital currencies rise in popularity within and outside of the gaming and esports communities, demand grows for the engineers behind the innovation.

Related Titles: Blockchain Architect, Blockchain Developer

3. Influencer Marketing Manager

Influencer marketing managers own paid influencer outreach and strategy. From TikTok to Twitch, they find popular social media personalities across platforms to carry out promotional campaigns, manage influencer relationships, and evaluate marketing performance data. Throughout 2022 and beyond, game studios and esports organizations are predicted to increase their influencer marketing through lifestyle gurus, esports streamers, well-known players and gaming personality partnerships.

Related Titles: Marketing Manager, Talent Manager, Community Manager

4. Technical Artist

Technical artists are the bridge between programmers and other artists. This hybrid role combines knowledge of both professions to make sure that games and their tools run smoothly. These specialists often act as advisors, guiding other team members on what’s technically possible and artistically recommended. From creating characters to constructing environments, they employ design tools to raise the bar for visual art quality and capability.

Related Titles: Technical Animator, Technical Character Artist, Unreal Engine Developer, Tools Pipeline Artist

5. Environmental Artist

Environmental artists make digital surroundings as beautiful as they are believable. These designers construct entire landscapes, cityscapes, dwellings and props for films, video games and extended reality (XR) experiences. Many opportunities in the environmental art field require several years of 2D and 3D modeling or animation experience. Metaverse development has also increased the need for visually stunning storytelling environments, calling for artists to become immersive tech visionaries.

Related Titles: 3D Artist, Game Artist

6. UI Engineer 

User interface (UI) engineers empower studios to offer seamless, bug-free gameplay experiences. These skilled developers enhance the usability, functionality and beauty of video games. The positions demand strong programming skills, deep knowledge of UI design patterns, and an in-depth understanding of user-first principles. As each game’s success rests on the talents of its engineers, this role has quickly become one of the most vital in the sector.

Related Titles: Front End Developer, Game Developer, UI Designer

7. Engineering Manager

Engineering managers oversee the contributions of software engineers to deliver quality code and masterful end products. These seasoned managers direct the technical teams to bring their strategic visions to reality. As the job requires hands-on work in addition to mentoring, engineering managers need a full understanding of development principles, team workflow, technologies and tools.

Related Titles: Technical Lead, Director of Engineering, Lead Engineer

8. Gameplay Animator

Gameplay animators design the detailed moving imagery and assets that bring games to life. These multimedia artists work closely with team members to facilitate the balance, anatomy and motion of gameplay. Beyond game studios, companies across industries are hiring these animators today. Their animation skills are critical to corporate gamification and metaverse initiatives alike.

Related Titles: Gameplay Designer, 3D Animator/Artist, 2D Animator/Artist

9. Product Designer

Product designers bring ideas into reality with user-centric, solution-focused design. From conception to each stage of production, these specialists oversee the creation of products and implementation of functions. They empower teams to translate each original concept into an exceptional user experience. Product designers’ UX, UI and user interaction chops can elevate an IP, app or immersive experience.

Related Titles: Product Engineer, UX/UI Designer, App Designer

10. Game Developer

Game developers are specialized programmers who make clean, fun and inventive gameplay possible. They code and test each visual element and every programmed feature in C# and C++ for engines like Unreal, Unity, and Frostbite, amongst others. These engineers also need expertise in animation systems, gameplay techniques, navigation, pathfinding, physics simulation and logic. The market for this talent is now more competitive than ever before, as they are being sought after by companies of all kinds for XR and gamification projects.

Related Titles: Game Writer, Game Designer

New roles are emerging quicker than they can be filled. If you’re looking to advance your career or hire gaming talent of any kind, keep an eye on the changing hiring market. Enlist the support of the workforce solutions providers who know your niche. Listen for the newly developed positions that every industry needs. And take advantage of the sector’s ever-expanding array of innovations. Demand for talent is at an all-time high, and gaming is growing as fast as technology can evolve.



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